Are you thinking of organizing a special dinner, but don't know which recipes to use to amaze your guests? truffle sauces and creams are the perfect solution for these occasions: thanks to their versatility in the kitchen, they will allow you to create many dishes in a short time and with extreme ease, but above all without having to give up taste and refinement. 

Aperitifs, side dishes, first and second courses: truffle creams can be used to create any type of recipe. The only limit? Your imagination.



bruschette con funghi e tartufi

To amaze your guests right from the aperitif, we offer you some simple ideas for a truffle-based aperitif, including the accompanying drink: 

  • Martini with white truffle. The Martini is a cocktail suitable for any occasion, thanks to its delicate taste it pairs perfectly with the more intense notes of the truffle.
    To make this delicious cocktail you will need very few ingredients: gin, white vermouth, White Truffle Water-soluble Concentrate and ice. Place some cubes inside a glass to cool it, in the meantime pour 3/4 of gin and 1/4 of dry vermouth into the mixing glass (glass with spout). Add a couple of drops of Water-soluble White Truffle Concentrate and mix well, then holding the ice, pour the mixture into the glass that you previously cooled with ice cubes. Garnish with olives as desired and serve this delicious drink to your guests.
  • Bruschettas with truffle cream. Truffle bruschettas are always a winning move for preparing simple and tasty aperitifs. Let's start from the choice of bread: since it will be the base of our bruschetta we must choose a quality bread. To optimally absorb the truffle sauce, it is better to use naturally leavened bread. We cut some slices of bread. 2cm and toast them, finally spread a generous layer of sauce (for example: truffle sauce, truffle pesto, white truffle sauce). We can garnish with pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Single portions of potatoes and truffles. Even simpler is the preparation of single portions of potato and truffle cream. Boil the potatoes and, once cooked, puree them. Mix the puree with a little milk and the truffle butter until you obtain a cream, finally, choose small saucers on which to place small quantities of the mixture. Accompany everything with homemade breadsticks and voilà: our aperitif is ready!


The truffle sauces and creams are very versatile even when it comes to richer dishes, such as pasta , risottos, sauces, meat and fish: just a few teaspoons are enough and your recipe will take on a unique and refined flavour. 

  • Tagliatelle with white truffle sauce. Tagliatelle are a simple dish much loved by Italians as they have been part of our culinary tradition for centuries. To make this first course you will need: fresh tagliatelle, cream, salt, butter (or olive oil) and 1 jar of white truffle sauce. Start melting a knob of butter, or heating a drizzle of oil, in a non-stick pan. Then pour in the truffle sauce and add the cream. In a separate pan, boil some water, add a handful of coarse salt and pour in the tagliatelle. When they are cooked, drain the pasta and pour it into the non-stick pan in which we prepared the sauce. Add some parmesan and serve to your guests!
    If you don't have tagliatelle, you can replace them with any other egg pasta such as tagliolini or fettuccine.
  • Risotto with truffle sauce. Truffle risotto is always a winning dish and above all very easy to make. All you need to do is prepare a simple white risotto: fry a little truffle butter with the onion, add a little white wine and cook the rice with some broth. Once cooked, add the truffle sauce, mixing well. To decorate the dish you can add a few slices of our Sliced ​​Truffle: now all you have to do is serve and enjoy this delicious risotto in company.
  • Scallops with truffle butter sauce. After rich appetizers and first courses, we must think of a second course that everyone can enjoy. The scallops with truffle butter sauce are very simple to prepare: all you need is a little beef (depending on the number of your guests), flour, salt, pepper, oil and obviously our truffle butter sauce. Begin to bread the slices of meat in the flour, then melt a little truffle butter sauce in the pan, add the scallops, sprinkle with salt, pepper and leave to cook over low heat. Once cooked, add a few tablespoons of truffle cream and a drizzle of oil. The dish is ready to serve.

Now that we all have full bellies, it's time to relax in the company of our guests, perhaps with a glass of wine. Truffle is truly a precious and very versatile ingredient in the kitchen: give vent to your imagination and create unique and tasty recipes with our tasty truffle sauces and creams!

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