The truffle flavored condiment is certainly one of the most appreciated and used in the kitchen: just a few drops are enough and every dish will be tastier and with a pinch of extra character . 

There are many types of truffle flavored condiments on the market and their uses can be very varied: with a few tricks you will be able to distinguish a quality product from a poor quality one, and to use oil in the best way to emphasize the taste of truffles in your recipes.


On the market we find various oils and truffle condiments, but not all of them are of quality, the best strategy is to rely on sellers specialize in truffles and read labels carefully.

This can easily help you distinguish a good product from a poor quality one.

Furthermore, rely on Italian producers who use extra virgin olive oil quality as the basis of theirs truffle flavored condiment is fundamental: a high quality oil greatly influences the flavor and taste also a consequence of your dishes.

Finally, the fundamental element to pay attention to is obviously the truffle. Our Luxury Line offers you all this: organic extra virgin oil and lots of organic truffles inside to offer you a unique taste.



tagliatelle con tartufo e olio al tartufo

Now that we have found the truffle flavored condiment that's right for us, we need to understand how to include it in our dishes and recipes. Although its taste is delicate, it is actually very versatile and can accompany both first and second courses, for example:

  • it is perfect on meat and fish tartare in order to give an extra edge to a very simple, but also very tasty dish;
  • it is excellent on pizzas in order to emphasize the autumnal and woody flavor of the dish;
  • raw on pasta or risotto it will enhance the flavor of the sauce giving the dish a refined and decisive flavour.


The truffle, in addition to being a precious ingredient to be included in dishes, is a very healthy food as it does not contain cholesterol and is rich in vitamins, low in fat and promotes digestion. Furthermore, truffle is an excellent source of:

  • Antioxidants and mineral salts, useful for fighting aging and counteracting free radicals;
  • Magnesium and potassium, ideal for those suffering from cardiovascular problems, as it regulates the heart rhythm and the functionality of nerves and muscles, as well as keeping the nervous system healthy;
  • Calcium, helps keep bones and teeth healthy. A rich source of calcium is excellent for preventing diseases such as osteoporosis;
  • Iron and phosphorus, which contribute to normal energy metabolism as well as the normal functioning of cell membranes;
  • Fibres, which help prevent colon cancer and keep the intestine healthy and regular.


Finally, truffle is also good for our mood as it contains anandamide, a molecule that improves mood. The truffle in nature uses this molecule to attract animals who, smelling its scent, dig it up and spread its spores, but anandamide has beneficial effects on humans since it shares the same principle as THC: anandamide acts in areas of the brain where memory, motivation, higher cognitive processes and movement control are managed. In this way, this molecule acts simultaneously on both the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for emotions, decreasing anxiety levels and promoting greater emotional stability .

Now that you have learned about this precious ingredient, all you have to do is discover all our truffle-based products and start experimenting with delicious recipes that improve both your health and your mood!

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