The preservation of foods in oil is among the most widespread and ancient in the world. Products in oil were born out of necessity: in fact, among ancient peoples, preservation in oil was one of the most used ways to preserve supplies for a long time. The Romans in particular were the first to use olive oil for its anti-inflammatory and cosmetic properties, but also for the preservation of food.



Olive oil is an excellent product for preserving food as it is able to isolate food from contact with the air: in this way it is possible to prevent the proliferation of aerobic bacteria, i.e. microorganisms which develop with the supply of oxygen.

However, the oil does not inhibit the development of anaerobic bacteria: the best known of this type of bacteria is botulinum, which produces toxins that are particularly poisonous to our body. This type of bacterium hides mainly in homemade preserves in oil: during home preparation the recommended hygiene and health standards are not always respected, which is why the preparation of this type of product is often not recommended for private individuals.



gnocchetti conditi con sugo a base di funghi e tartufo

truffle in oil is an excellent alternative to fresh truffles because it is available all year round and can be used to flavor all your favorite dishes as well as to accentuate their woody flavour: just add a teaspoon of truffle in oil at the end of cooking to flavor the dish. The truffle in oil can be added directly during the cooking of the meat and fish in order to make them even tastier towards the end of cooking, or it can be used to flavor the accompanying sauces and creams.

Truffle carpaccio is another highly prized and very versatile food in the kitchen: in addition to first and second courses, carpaccio is perfect for creating appetizers such as bruschetta, crostini, pizzas and eggs. The truffle omelettes are perfect in appetizers given their ease and speed of preparation: just scramble the eggs, add a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and finally our preserved truffle oil. Alternatively you can also use our ground truffle. Now you just need to divide the scrambled eggs into small portions and serve them on a slice of toast.



Given its goodness, it's unlikely you'll have any leftovers, but let's assume you have some truffle left. What can you do to keep it at its best? Once you have opened the jar containing the truffle you can keep it in the fridge for a maximum of 10 days: before placing it in the fridge make sure that the jar is tightly closed and that it does not leak oil, furthermore, clean the edge of the jar to avoid the formation of mold on its internal.

The truffle in salt and in brine has more or less the same duration as the truffle in oil: this is because, once the jar is opened, the truffle comes into contact with the air that enters inside of the jar causing it to lose its asepticity, consequently making the product vulnerable to mold and bacteria.

Truffle is an almost magical food: it blends well with any dish, and it is also a real panacea for our body as it contains many vitamins, fibers and mineral salts. You can find truffles in oil all year round, always good and ready to amaze in your recipes: have fun experimenting in the kitchen with our truffles!

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